Success stories

Skilled coach and facilitator . . . identifies issues and works out practical action plans . . . sensitive and listens well . . . observes and reflects accurately . . . challenges positively and makes you feel supported . . .able to summarize considerably long exchanges ‘on the spot’ . . . unique combination of skills . . . understand the corporate world . . . insight into the human condition . . . comes highly recommended . . .

Rob listened and understood what I said, often interpreting it succinctly. I often felt challenged and I was out of my comfort zone but with Rob’s encouragement and guidance I was able to answer difficult questions. He was able to lead me through a series of different questions, and by looking at situations in ways I had not thought of before, led me to resolution. Rob’s coaching has made an enormous change to my life and I would recommend him to anyone who is struggling to make decisions.

Business Owner

He is a good listener, patient, clear, he provides reflection, is supportive, and consistent. I now have a clearer picture of what i should be focusing on, what it is that i want, and have some tools to use as well.

Alyce Solomon

Business Owner

I have been able to realise that I don’t have to keep on this path and that other options are available. I have also realised what has kept me in this position – how I respond to people and how I think about myself is not in my best interest. His strengths: listening skills, shows interest in people and helping people succeed, has experience in corporate environment so an understanding of the environment and its challenges, approachable and easy to talk to. Is also able to adapt his responses to your situation.


Rob has taken me through a process which has enabled me to identify specific challenges and helped me work out for myself what courses-of-action should be taken. He listens and records in fine detail everything that takes place during the session. He is able to summarize considerably long exchanges ‘on the spot’ which helps in clarifying ones thinking during the session, enabling one to move on and get more out of the particular session. I would recommend Rob to a friend or colleague experiencing difficulty with a situation because he provides a clear and very objective overview of what is discussed which allows one to make ones own choices as to the course of action that should be taken. Whilst he is objective he is also encouraging in that he compliments on progress and achievements during the process. I am now more focussed on what is important.

Charles Gallacher

Film Producer

The relationship with a coach is an individual one – from my experience I felt at ease to talk to Rob about things that I seemed unable to verbalise. His manner was direct but un-threatening, personal but objective. His skill was to get to me to think differently about things that were worrying me, to look at issues from a different perspective. His strengths? Unthreatening, decisive, professional, objective, reassuring.

Michael van Ruyneveld

From the inside out – Rob seems to have the ability to really understand my issues. He is very engaged, non-judgemental and perceptive. I’ve been really impressed a couple of times when he has used quite subtle techiniques – seemingly simple suggestions – to bring about quite radical changes in the way I have seen a situation. I was feeling trapped and in a fog, and through coaching many issues have been clarified and the way forward is continually becoming clearer. I am now more positive and less likely to allow myself to be hooked into negative storylines. Rob’s strengths are his ability to cut to critical issues, patience, engagement and ffective use of metaphor to concretise.

Tony Pinchuck