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“It’s amazing how many cares disappear when you decide not to be something, but to be someone. “ — Coco Chanel

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Robert offers personal coaching to individuals seeking personal growth and effectiveness. Typical issues experienced by clients include conflict, stress, difficult relationships, career choice and change, changes in life (often around 30 or 50 years of age), menopause, retirement and retrenchment.

Facilitating change
Robert brings a mindful approach to coaching, and creates a safe, emotionally honest context for meaningful reflection, primarily using questions to facilitate change rather than just providing answers.

Course duration
Robert’s typical coaching program involves six to eight sessions, resulting in clients who are empowered with an understanding of their current environment, where they are headed and how they are going to get there.

Why Choose Robert Brain ?

Skype Coaching

Coaching sessions can be face to face, via telephone or Skype. Your choice.


Certified life coach

Robert is qualified in Psychology and Coaching and is registered as an accredited coach with the International Coach Federation. He is also qualified in psychology and electrical engineering. His extensive experiences in different walks of life allow him to offer a professional, experienced yet empathetic coaching approach.



Career Coaching

Robert has many years of experience in technical and corporate management and is well qualified to support you to
achieve your career goals. From job hunting, changing career, being more effective in your current job or positioning
yourself for promotion, career coaching will help you gain perspective, identify obstacles and take action to achieve
your ambitions.


Personal Coaching

The coaching relationship is one of trust and confidentiality. You are the expert in your life, and rather than provide answers Robert will work with you to understand your situation and to identify your options and goals. Create effective solutions and strategies to achieve your hopes and dreams.

Process of Coaching


I often use the metaphor of crossing a river to describe the different stages of my coaching process that explore :

  • The near bank (current situation).
  •  The other side of the river (goals and objectives).
  • The obstacles to crossing (threats).
  • Which bridge to use (ways of reaching the goal).
  • Step by step plan to achieve the goal.
  • The new territory (monitoring progress and addressing new obstacles).
  • Looking back across the river (evaluating personal learning).

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